2012 General Conference

The 2012 General Conference meets April 24-May 4 in Tampa, Florida. There are many different issues that will come before the conference this year. The UMC is growing outside of the US and declining within, which raises questions about how we are structured and where our focus is. I’ve just started learning about some of these issues, but here are a couple of resources that I ran across that you might be interested in.

The United Methodist Insight is an online newsletter that pulls together many resources about the issues facing the General Conference this year. Its goal is not to present any particular perspective, but to provide a wide range of opinions, articles, blogs, resources, etc. to help United Methodists be informed about what will be happening at the General Conference. UM Insight has no official ties to any church organization and receives no funding from any church related organization.

A prayer guide for the 50 days leading up and during the conference. It is available from The Upper Room Ministries. You can download it in pdf format from the United Methodist Men page here. It includes a small group guide that could be used for a Sunday School class.

Hopefully more on this later. I’m behind on the Social Principles, but learning a lot. Please comment to let me know what you are interested in knowing more about.

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