On Being a Disciple from Rev. Lue Vang

One of the ultimate hopes and dreams of all Christians, beside to gain their salvation and eternal life from God, is to be a disciple of Christ. They believe in God and accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior so that they can gain their salvation. Discipleship is when someone follows Jesus and desires to let their life be useful in the kingdom of God. Throughout our Christian lives, we have been trying to be this person. We attend churches, going to Sunday school, participating in all that, the life of God’s people in the church. We have been doing that until we almost get bored with it. It is hard to say that for many of us going to church, participating in functions of the church, and joining the activity of the church has not become a blessing but a burden for us. That is because we have not gotten to the point where we can connect to the source of grace and blessing of God.

"Christ and the Samaritan Woman" by Duccio c. 1310 (source)

“Christ and the Samaritan Woman” by Duccio c. 1310 (source)

Thinking about this, we will come to the story of the Samaritan woman. In the Gospel of John, chapter 4 mentions a woman who lived her life very much like many of us. She was trying to do the best she could to make a living to support her and perhaps a few members of her family. Even though the life of this woman had been considered unsuitable for many in what we call “good Christian”. We need to know that regardless of whether we boxed ourselves into categories of our own, or of others, we are all sinners. When you read the story you will notice that this woman had been coming to draw water from this well for some time. She kept coming to the source because she needed the water, and she lived a very dry life, with no support from friends or family or any one else. I believe she had the dream many of us dream, and that is to be a disciple of Christ and to be useful in serving God’s people on earth. But living in her lifestyle, she would never think that someday she would be the source of blessing for many others. We notice too that she has continued to draw water from this well until one day she met the source of water that she will allow it to be part of her, then she became “a spring of water welling up to eternal life”. Have we met our source yet? Have we become a spring of living water yet?

As a Christian, we have come to the well of blessing, attending church, joining the activities of a local church. Many of us have found the source of blessing, and have become a blessing for others in various ways. For others, we are still waiting for the time we can get to know the real source of blessing and connect to the source so that we can be a blessing for God’s people in God’s church, in our community, and to transform the world. For those of us who continue to draw God’s blessing from the source, it maybe because we refuse to let ourselves become this spring of living water and blessing of God.

If this Samaritan woman, who was an ordinary person like you and me can become the source of blessing for many people, you and I could become this spring of living water and source of blessing for God’s people around us too. The blessing we have received from God will never be enough if we keep drawing and receiving. It will be enough for us when we start counting our blessings, which we have received, everyday . When you start doing that, you will notice that as you give it away, you will receive more. So, in a way, you become connected with the source who is Jesus Christ. If you have a dream of becoming a disciple of Christ, being useful and a blessing in the kingdom of God on earth, you need to stop dreaming and start living your life as a disciple of Jesus Christ. That is to receive the grace and mercy of God and passing them on to others.

~ Rev. CherLue Vang

Originally published in the Wingate UMC newsletter for August 2015.

To download the entire newsletter in pdf format, click here.


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