Love vs. Obligation from Rev. Cherlue Vang

Have you felt obligated to go to church every Sunday? Does going to church after some time become a mini or big burden for you?

If your answer is yes to these two questions, then you need to consider renewing your relationship with God. We can do alright, and sometimes even well, in the church even when our answer is yes to both of the questions above. But, the thing is that when you feel obligated to go to church and after sometime going to church becomes a burden for you, then you are not going to church for the right reason. You just do it because it is a “Duty” of a Christian to go to church, and to make yourself, or the family, look good to other members and the pastor. I am not telling you to stop going to church if your answers are yes to both of the question above, but I am telling you that if you feel that way, then you need to look at your relationship with God and the Lord Jesus Christ seriously. The good part on this type of relationship to God and your church is that you are still coming to church and trying to worship Him and fellowship with other members. The not so good part is that, when you feel this way, very soon you will run out of energy and “burn out”. Eventually you will stop going to church, because the burden feels like it is bigger and bigger every day.

Attending worship service at church however, you need to have the love and passion to go and worship God and listen to His words.

We need to feel the love for God and our motivation to go to church should be the passion to worship Him. This kind of relationship is called gratitude. When you appreciate the grace and mercy of God, when you value the salvation God has given you when you accepted His son as your personal Savior, when you are counting the blessing God has bestowed in your life, that is coming for God, then worshiping him in the church and doing his works in the church become a labor of love rather than a burden. When you do it out of love rather than obligation, it becomes much easier and you will have more enjoyment doing it.

Just think about this. The fact that you are still paying your child support is not because you still love your ex-spouse, but because the judge order you to pay, that is obligation. On the other hand, you may not pay your spouse or children a penny, but you live together and they can jump into your arms any time they want to, that is love.

If you have not been worshiping God for some time, or you come as you want to, then you need to reconsider your relationship with God especially with his Son Jesus Christ. Renew your relationship with God, however you need to, come to Him, as He has already come from Heaven to save you.

Is your attending church to worship God an obligation, and it has become burden for you? Or are you worshiping God, because He first loved you, and sent his Son to die in your place for your sin?

~. CherLue Vang

Originally published in the Wingate UMC newsletter for October 2015.

To download the entire newsletter in pdf format, click here.


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