Weeding for Lent – From Rev. Tracy Schumpert


The “henbit” weed (source)

Maybe because they know that the Season of Lent is upon us, maybe because it has started warming up, but whatever the reason, I’ve seen lawns taken over by tiny purple flowers. It seems that everywhere I look I am surrounded by tiny purple blossoms. I imagine that not all of these were intentionally planted. In fact, most of the little purple blooms are indeed what many would call “weeds” (specifically, as I have learned, the “henbit” weed).

One person’s blight is another person’s beauty. Such is the case for the purple flowers. Each of the flowers in the various lawns I’ve seen, I imagine, have unique stories of how they grew, how much they are wanted (or despised), and what they symbolize. And, each of them is a symbol of our own lives as well.

As we continue through Lent, especially as we near Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, we look deeply at our lives and find plenty of “weeds” – things we’d rather not have in our lives that take away from the beauty of the rest of us. And, truth be told, there are probably some weeds that we’ve kind of grown to love. There are some extra special sins or idols that we don’t want to let go of just yet. We may rationalize them to think they are beautiful, but they are weeds nonetheless. And then there are those places of hope, signs of Easter if you will, that shine forth despite the harshness of our daily lives.

For many of us, the sins in our lives, like the weeds in the lawns, have a tendency to distract us from the hope that is seen around them. When I look at lawns I have a harder time seeing the beautiful flowers for all of the silly henbit that takes away my attention. The same is true for the hope of Easter and the sins which distract us from that hope. After all, that is the story of Easter – it is a move away from the sins and pain that are all too often obstacles to God’s will for our lives and a move toward the light, life, and hope of a new day.

This month I’m going to do a little weeding in my life. And I hope you will too – that the beauty of our lives might shine for all the world to see.

~ Peace, Tracy

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