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Why We Give – Giving is an Act of Worship

Everything we have belongs to God, and we are simply managing those resources while here on earth.  Through our tithes and offerings, we demonstrate in a tangible way our love for God and our neighbors.  Giving to God is an act of worship.

A Way of Life – Stewardship & Generosity

Stewardship is not just about faithfully administering the gifts given monetarily.  It is faithfully using all God’s gifts to further God’s ministry and mission.   At Wingate UMC, we emphasize equally the gifts of prayers, presence and service.

The Bible is filled with examples of grateful responses to God’s generous gifts.  The Bible also teaches about our personal responsibility to share with others and warns against selfishness.  We as United Methodist’s join others to help all God’s children whenever and wherever we can.  Just as Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes when the crowd grew hungry, we are the heart, spirit and hands of God’s outreaching love. Love grows here through the joy of generosity.